Yammp Under Python (YUP), also known as Yammp 2, is a molecular modeling program. Although a general purpose tool, development is currently concentrated on molecular simulations (mechanics) and on reduced representation and multiscale modeling. YUP is based on an earlier program Yammp.


Information: About YUP: development philosophy, its intended use and overview of the program.
News: This section reports on the status of the project and contains development news. The final version of Yup.scx is available in YUP version 1.071201 and higher. Workshop (1): June 28 to July 1, 2005; Workshop (2): July 5 to 8, 2005; Workshop (3): August 16 to 18, 2005
Tan, R. K. Z., Petrov, A. S., Harvey, S. C. YUP: A Molecular Simulation Program for Coarse-Grained and Multiscaled Models. J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2006, 2(3), 529-540
. Download PDF.


User Manual: How to use YUP to create a model and to carry out molecular mechanic simulations.
Technical Documentation: How to develop for new model types and new molecular mechanic methods. Programming in Python required.
Programming Manual: How to develop new potential energy terms. Programming in C/C++ required.


Download: YUP is available for PowerPC and x86 MacOSX and x86 and x86_64 LINUX systems. Latest Release: version 1.080827.
Tutorials: You can work through these exercises on your own or come to one of our Workshops.

iYUP: is a version of YUP that you can run from your web browser. The features are necessarily limited to those that can be presented in a web browser. To make interaction bearable, molecules are restricted in size and the duration of each simulation is limited to a few seconds.
Showcase: of work done with YUP, downloadable input files, scripts, graphics and movies. More or less a demo.
ETC: Miscellaneous.

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Home: The Harvey Laboratory
Yammp: Ancestral version of YUP
MMTSB: Multiscale Modeling Tools In Structural Biology